2121 Challenge
Lesson Title: The WHAT, HOW and WHY of Weight Loss

If you have been on this weight loss journey for a while now, you’ll agree with me that losing weight is easy, but what is hard is keeping it off. That is why someone can lose 5kg in two weeks and gain it back in one week. But there are those who have lost weight and have been able to keep it off.These people are referred to as successful losers, and in today's lesson, you are going to learn about what makes them successful.

Who is a successful (weight) loser?

A successful loser is someone who has lost at least 10% of initial body weight and kept it off for at least one year. For example, if Ms A weighs 100kg at the beginning of 2016 and loses 10kg by March 2016, and maintains the initial lost till March 2017 she is a successful loser. But if she loses 20kg (20% of her initial weight) by February 2016 and gains it gains it back by May. She has not been successful.

A successful loser is not a person who loses 5kg this month and gains it back next month.

If I ask you why you signed up for this program, your answer would probably be “because I want to lose weight.” Now that answer is the reason many people have been unsuccessful with weight loss. Successful losers don’t sign up for weight loss programs just because they want to lose weight; they sign up because of WHY they want to lose weight. Successful losers are motivated by the WHY (the reason they want to lose weight) and not the WHAT (weight loss).

The WHAT: To lose weight is the WHAT, the result you want to see at the end of the day WHAT, HOW and WHY of Weight Loss

The HOW: The HOW is what you do to get your WHAT. The route you choose to take and the products and programs you decide to use. 2121 CHALLENGE is an example of a HOW.

The WHY: Your WHY is your intrinsic motivation, the reason you want what you want and the reason you do what you do. Your WHY is the inspiration behind your desire to lose weight.

To be a successful loser, you must have a reason that is beyond the aesthetics, a WHY you can truly believe in because belief is a very potent force.

  • Knowing your WHY will keep you from treating the symptoms of overweight and help you focus on dealing with the cause
  • Knowing your WHY will save you from falling prey to unrealistic HOWs
  • Knowing your WHY will keep your on course when results are slow.

The WHY is more important than the WHAT

Your WHY is the most important thing. Without a strong sense of WHY losing weight is important, it will be difficult to have the long-term success that you want.Today I want you to take a moment to revisit your intention again. Why is it important for you to lose weight now? What is at stake? What benefits will you get as a result of losing weight?

Decide on a WHY you can believe in with all your heart and let that be the motivating force behind everything you do on your journey to a lighter and fitter you.

Parting Thought: Knowing your WHY is important in choosing your HOW. Without knowing your WHY, people will sell you useless information, programs and products that will only give you a short-term result.

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