My Top 10 Fitness Tips For 2017

My Top 10 Fitness Tips For 2017

The new year we’ve been waiting for is finally here! If you’re a fitfam like, I believe you have some fitness goals.  But before we set the ball rolling, here are my top 10 fitness tips.

Tip #1: Don’t pitch your tent with the resolution crowd

The resolution crowd is easy to identify. They announce their resolutions to friends and family. In excitement, they join all the weight loss groups on Facebook and BB. They start a new diet and start going to the gym. They are pumped and excited about losing weight in January! Then February comes along, and life gradually slips back to normal.

You can’t afford to pitch your tent with this crowd in 2017. Resolutions are nothing unless you back them with actions all year round. Make a habit, not a resolution.

Tip #2: Be realistic with your expectations, it will save you from false hope syndrome

Back in the year 2000, psychology professor Peter Herman and colleagues identify what they call the “false hope syndrome.”  According to them, “people fail because the resolutions that they make are unrealistic. They’re overly ambitious in that they try to accomplish more than they realistically can. They also try to accomplish more things more quickly than is realistically possible and they underestimate the difficulty of the task.”

I hope your expectations are in alignment with realities. You have been on this weight loss matter for too long, and you cannot afford to set yourself up for another failure with unrealistic expectations.

Tip #3: Start with what’s manageable

Change is gradual. Change is a process. Don’t try to change everything at once, focus on one or two habits first and master them. This journey is a marathon and not a sprint.  You will make good strides and move with ease if you don’t weigh yourself down with too many loads.

Tip #4: Make sustainability your watchword

Enough of punishment diets and crash weight loss programs. Enough! What’s  the point of losing 10kg in 10 days when you’re going to gain it as soon as you stop the crash program? Sustainability should be your watchword when considering any weight loss program this year. Don’t do it if it’s not sustainable.

Tip #5: Treat every day as the first day of a new year

Have you noticed how people behave on the first day of a new year? Almost everyone is positive, hopeful and believes for better things.  Imagine what every day would be like if you treated it like the first day of the year.  Be positive, be hopeful and believe for the best every day.

Tip #6: You must lift weights this year

Whatever you do this year, you must lift weights, and you must lift heavy, especially if you are a woman. Those 1kg pink dumbbells belong to the kids. Give the dumbbells to the rightful owners and get yourself adult-size dumbbells. Why would an adult like you be playing with children’s toys?  You are training to reduce fat and get tone; those pink dumbbells are not going to get you anywhere!

Tip #7: Don’t allow your vegetables to rotten in the fridge

It’s totally unacceptable for you allow nutrient-packed vegetables to get rotten in the fridge. Stop wasting the precious veggies. You must buy and eat your vegetables this year. PERIOD!

Tip #8:  Stretch and release

You are doing your body more harm than good if all you do at every workout session is to burn and sweat.  Yes, muscle burns calories, but without the synergistic work of connective tissues (tendons, ligaments and fascia) movement can become painful.

You should spend quality time to care for these vital tissues.  I cannot overemphasise the importance of self-myofascial release. Get a foam roller and begin to enjoy all the benefits this simple technique can offer. A 10-15 minute’s self-myofascial release before and after a workout session can improve flexibility, function, performance, and reduce injuries.

Tip #9: Breathe and relax

When things are spinning out of control, pause and breathe. Don’t sweat over small stuff, practice regular relaxation deep breathing. One way to incorporate breathing and relaxation into your daily activities is to schedule time for Yoga or Pilates.

Tip #10: Take a comprehensive multivitamin supplement

Unless you are bringing your foods directly from the farm to your kitchen, you should be taking a multivitamin supplement on a daily basis!

Vitamins and minerals are essential nutrients that are necessary for many processes in the body. Get a comprehensive multivitamin supplement and begin to take it before your body starts showing signs of deficiencies.

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Whether your fitness goal is to be able to climb the stairs without getting out of breath, run a marathon, or lose 30kg, I’ll give you the TOOLS And SUPPORT you need to reach and surpass your goal.

To a fitter and healthier you in 2017.

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