The Missing Piece Of The Weight Loss Puzzle

The Missing Piece Of The Weight Loss Puzzle

Ever wondered what the missing piece of the weight loss puzzle is? I found the missing piece, and I want to share it with you in this article.

But before I tell you what the missing piece is, can say something? Whoever told you that losing weight is not easy lied to you.

I bet you know someone who has lost 2-3kg in one week before. Maybe you’re that someone.

What about someone who lost up to 10kg or more in less than 30 days? I bet you know one or two people like that. And when you heard their stories or saw that it is possible to lose 10kg in less than 30 days, you thought to yourself, “I want to do this too.”

You thought it would be easy to lose weight because you saw someone lose many kilograms in just a few days.

That is proof that it is easy to lose weight.

Now you’re thinking, “Wait a minute, Esta. The person gained all the weight back because she wasn’t able to keep it off!

You’re right. Losing weight is easy — that is why people lose weight on any ridiculous diet program in town — what is hard is keeping it off once you lost it.

The reason many people regain the weight back once they’ve lost it is that, they are missing the most important piece of the weight loss puzzle.

The Missing Piece Of The Puzzle

Often, when we invest money, it’s because we want to avoid effort.

For example, you hire someone to clean your house because you want to avoid the effort of cleaning the house yourself. You hire someone to watch your clothes or cook your meals because you want to avoid the effort of doing it yourself.

What does hiring someone to do your house chore have to do with weight loss. A lot. The same principle of investing money to avoid effort applies.

Here Is What Missing

When people spend money on weight loss products (whether it’s a shake, a meal replacement, a pill or tea), it is because they want to avoid the effort it takes to lose weight.

How many times have you bought weight loss products because they told you the product would burn the fat in your stomach?

How much have you spent on magic teas and miracle pills because the manufacturers said you could “eat your cake and have it.”?

No Effort No Gain

Here is the truth you may have uncovered yourself: Unlike hiring someone to clean your house because you want to avoid the effort, losing weight and keeping it off require the investment of money and effort. You can’t invest one without investing the other!

A lot of people want to avoid the effort. That is why they’re always drawn to every lift-no-finger products and diets.
Yes, those products may promote a quick weight loss, but you and I know that the results are always short-termed. That is why people gain the weight back — and sometimes with extra kilogrammes.

As some wise person once said, “If weight loss were in a bottle, everyone would have a great body by now.”

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It Won’t Work If You’re Not Willing To Do The Work

Whether the investment is hiring a personal trainer or signing up for fat loss programme created by a fitness coach like me, investing money is the easiest part.

Fitness Coaches are not miracle workers; we cannot make people lose weight just because they spent money on our programmes.

We can only work our “magic” when people begin to invest effort.

The summary of my long talk is this: It takes a consistent effort to lose weight and keep it off.

So my question to you is this, are you willing to start investing some effort in your health and well-being? No one can do the effort part for you. It’s something you have to do by yourself and for yourself.

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