5 Tips To Help You Stay In Shape During The Holidays

5 Tips To Help You Stay In Shape During The Holidays

Christmas season is a period of giving and receiving. The time when gifts of all sizes and types – from cakes to chicken to chocolate and champagne – just keep coming in. That means the average household is going to have more to eat and drink than usual during the festive season. And if you’re a very social person, you may have too many foods and drinks flowing around in your house.

With so much to eat and drink, it wouldn’t be a surprise if some people come back from the holiday a size bigger. But you don’t have to be in that number; you can enjoy the festive foods and drinks without adding inches to your waistline.

5 tips to help you stay in shape during the holidays

Tip #1: Gift it away

If you have more foods and drinks in your than you can finish in 3 months, it may be a good idea to give some away. After all, it’s a season of sharing, and one of the things you can share freely are calories!
Don’t hoard the calories; they will only make you increase in size when the holidays are over.

Share your foods and drinks with anyone who might need them. There is love in sharing.

Tip #2: Enjoy the merriment of the season without guilt

Don’t be that person who is so afraid of gaining weight that you refuse to savour some treats during the holidays. When it comes to nutrition and fitness, I am a firm believer in the 80/20 rule. If you eat right 80% of the time, you wouldn’t need to worry about the occasional treats and sweets.

So relax and eat your foods with gladness.

Tip #3: Eat everything in moderation

With freedom comes responsibility. Don’t go all out on drinks and foods because they are freely available.

Eat and drink responsibly.


Tip #4: Be social

Don’t stay glued to your seat at events and gatherings, go around and meet new people. And don’t miss every opportunity to hit the floor dancing. A word of warning here, don’t be too social with foods and drinks.

Tip #5: Don’t extend the party

The merriment should not last for more than a few days. Seriously, every day is not Christmas. So, don’t extend the party more than necessary. Doing so will only leave you with an expanded waistline.

The festive season doesn’t have to be a period of weight gain.  Use these five tips to prevent unnecessary weight gain during the holidays.

Compliments of the seasons!

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