How To Reach Your Weight Loss Goal

How To Reach Your Weight Loss Goal

Arriving at our destinations in life requires that we know exactly where we are going. That is why experts always advise us to set goals.

Goals are like a compass; they point us in the direction we need to go. Our goals inform our actions and determine our associations. But as important as having a goal is, it can also become a trap if the goal is too intimidating and seems far out of our reach.

When it comes to reaching your weight loss goal, you have to be willing to take baby steps. Many of us want to make giant strides, but life’s successes are in the small victories we win daily.

The way to finish a mile’s journey is by taking one step at a time. No matter how fast or slow you move, you have to take the first step, then the next step, and as you continue to take those steps you are getting closer to the finish line.

Why setting a big weight loss goal can hurt your progress

We’re always encouraged to set big goals that will challenge us. In as much as I believe that goals should challenge and stretch us, I also believe that our goals should not be too challenging that we become afraid to take the first step.

It’s okay to have a goal to lose 10kg or 40kg. That is a big goal. The finish line and the final destination you want to reach. But you must take some steps before you arrive at the 40kg destination, and may I tell you the honest truth? The steps are not 100-meter steps.

Many people have become discouraged because they put all their focus on the destination instead of the journey. Focusing on the big goal is a good thing if it motivates you, but the best place to put your focus is the next step.

The next step is the process; the next step is the journey. Nobody loses 10kg in one day, every kg you will lose is going to be lost one calorie at a time.

Focus on manageable goals

Focusing on exercising for 4-5 hours per week is more manageable than focusing on losing 2kg per week. The former is the process that can make the latter attainable. Your weight loss goal will become easier to attain if you focus on the process.

The journey is also the destination. Take the first step, and continue to take your journey one step at a time, because it is those little steps that will accumulate into a full marathon. Study successful losers who have lost weight and kept it off, and you will see that focusing on small steps was the key to their success.

Focus on the individual steps you should be taking right now, how many days you will exercise in a week and your everyday meal. Imagine what your body would look like a year from now if you exercised for at least 30 minutes 4-5 times per week. Imagine how many dress sizes you could drop if you removed junk foods from your diet.

When you take care of your daily steps, reaching your weight loss goal becomes easy-peasy.

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