2121 Challenge
Lesson Title: Nature vs Nature

Have you ever wondered why some people could eat the whole world and not gain a single kilogramme? I mean, they just eat and eat and stay slim. But some people are not that lucky because their bodies seem to hoard every calorie they consume. 

Well, part of it is due to genetics. Some people have got the "slim genes" advantage and some people have got the "fat genes" disadvantage. But like I always say to people, heredity is not destiny. 

We may not have control over what nature has given us, but we can use nurture to change the effect of nature.

Our families gave us more than our names- they also gave us the genes that determine our physical features, including how and where we deposit fat.Heredity is one factor you cannot control; you run the risk of being overweight, and if both of your parents are overweight your risk of being overweight is even higher. Your body structure is largely due to who our parents are, but HEREDITY IS NOT DESTINY! You can become aware of your family history and use your personal actions to limit the negative influences of heredity.

There are many factors that influence health and wellness, some of these factors we have little or no control over but we do have control over some. The key to optimal health is to use our personal actions and interactions to minimise the negative effects of the factors we can’t control.

Physical activity, nutrition and stress are three major lifestyle factors that influence health and wellbeing, and we do have control over all three. If you have a family history of obesity, you already have one against you and you should not your body to nature. You must take responsibility and use your personal actions to nurture your body to health and wellness. Never forget this, your personal actions count much more than your genes.

Parting Thought: Nature wins when we don't nurture

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