Thank You For Joining Our 21 Days Weight Loss Program!  


A Lighter And Fitter You In 21 Day.

First Things First: Please take a moment to read this document

Thank you for joining our 2121 CHALLENGE weight loss program! I am super excited to have you in the program. You are about to start a program designed to help you get lighter and fitter in 21 days, and set the pace for your long-term fitness success. This 21 days weight loss program is not a quick-fix program. It is a lifestyle program that teaches you how to lose weight in a way that is sensible and sustainable.

What you should expect to get from this 21 days program

Coaching and support

This is the bedrock of 2121 CHALLENGE, and I consider it to be the most critical component. Losing weight is easy, and everyone can do it, but what is hard is keeping the weight off. With our coaching lessons, you will get the tips and tools you’ll need to be successful beyond 21 days. You will get 2-3 coaching lessons per week throughout the duration of the program. Please make sure you read and digest the lessons.

You will also get regular support from me through the duration of the program (21 days). Please do not hesitate to send me an email anytime you need help, motivation, or have a question. I am just an email away.

Access to Forever TRIM Community

Research has shown that those who enlist social support are more successful with weight loss than those who do not. In the community, you will meet other people who have similar fitness goals as yours. People who will be willing to support you to reach your goal as long as you are willing to support them too.

Because support and accountability are an integral part of this program, I will encourage you to join our Forever TRIM Community.

Forever TRIM Community is a women-only community, and it is currently being hosted on Facebook. If you are a woman and you are on Facebook, please request your access to the community here. Your will be added to the community within 24 hours of requesting access.

Note that only those whose names have been verified will get access to the community. If your Facebook name is different from the name you registered with, please send us an email at so that we can verify your name. The verification process is necessary to prevent non-members from gaining access to the community.

As John Maxwell once said, “One is too small a number to achieve significance.”

Please understand that to succeed on this journey, you need people to keep you on track and help you get back up when a slip happens.

I want to encourage you to post a request for accountability partners here as soon as you join the community. Your accountability partners will keep you accountable throughout the duration of the program. You will look out for each other and help keep each other on track.


Exercise is just one part of the weight loss equation, what you eat when you eat and how much you eat have the greatest impact on your weight than how many hours you spend on exercise. The nutrition plan teaches you what to eat, how to eat and when to eat.

The nutrition plan is in two parts: The Meal Plan and The Nutrition Guide

The meal Plan

​2121 Challenge Meal Plan gives you specifications on what to eat when to you and how much to eat.

The nutrition guide​

​2121 Challenge Nutrition Guide gives you the option to choose what you want to eat. It is flexible and affords you the freedom to choose your foods. But because freedom comes with responsibilities, the Nutrition Guide only permits you to choose from the list of foods allowed on the program. And you must also stay within the recommended daily allowance for each food group.

Whether you choose the Meal Plan we created or you prefer to create your meals using the Nutrition Guide, you will learn a better and healthier way to eat and begin to see food as your friend.

Nutrient timing

​A key component of 2121 CHALLENGE is what we refer to as nutrient timing.What does it mean? It means you will wait for 4-5 hours after one meal before you have another meal.

Why nutrient timing? Because healthy eating is not just about the quality of your food (what you eat), it is also about the quantity (how much you eat) and the TIMING (when you eat).

Sometimes we mistake other feelings for hunger. By practising nutrient timing, we become more mindful and give our brains the opportunity to connect with our true feelings.

Nutrient timing prevents mindless eating and helps you focus on non-food activities.

You can have your snacks allowance for the day when you feel hungry in-between meals.

Like every new habit, practising nutrient takes discipline. But the rewards of exercising control over how we feed are worth the daily discipline.


2121 Challenge exercise program is designed to help you lose weight and tone up.There are three different routines in the program. Each routine is about 21 minutes long (minus warm and cool down).

Bodyweight Circuit: Like the name indicates, this is a bodyweight routine, and it is the easiest of the three. You don’t need any equipment for the routine, just your body weight and a big smile on your face.

Resistance Circuit 1: We take the exercise program up a notch by adding a little external resistance. You will need a pair of dumbbells for this routine, 2-4kgs depending on your current fitness.As a rule of thumb, the weights should be heavy enough to make the last 5 seconds of each exercise a little bit difficult to perform.Please increase the weight if you can cruise through all the reps feeling like “I can do this all day.”

Resistance Circuit 2: We're adding more intensity to the exercise program by incorporating movements that involve multiple muscle groups — you will understand what we mean when you watch the videos. Again, you will need a pair of dumbbells for this routine.

The Finisher: This is the grand finale of every exercise session, six minutes of HIIT cardio to seal the fate of bad fat! You will feel this more in your heart and not your skeletal muscles.

Don’t panic, the finisher is part of your 21 minutes.

Warm Up and Cool Down: Warm and cool down segments are an important part of your exercise program. Both segments will take about 6 minutes. Please note that Warm Up and Cool Down time is not part of the 21 minutes.

Rest and Recovery: Rest is an integral part of every good exercise program. You will exercise for 21 minutes a day, six days a week and you will rest on the seventh day.


2121 CHALLENGE nutrition plan

2121 CHALLENGE exercise calendar

Exercise Video: Bodyweight circuit

Exercise Video: Resistance circuit 1

Exercise Video: Resistance circuit 2


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