The Truth About Cold Water And Weight Gain

The Truth About Cold Water And Weight Gain

Can drinking cold water solidify fat in your body or cause you to gain fat as some people claimed? Well, I’m about the truth, and in this post, I want to tell you the truth about cold water and weight gain.

Ready for the truth and nothing but the truth?

Let’s dig in!

Drinking Cold Water Does Not Cause Weight Gain

The claim that drinking cold water will make you gain weight (fat) is a BIG LIE because the human body is too efficient for that.

The human body always wants to maintain homoeostasis so that whatever happens in the outside environment doesn’t disrupt its core temperature. Whether it is hot or cold outside, the internal environment of the body remains relatively constant. That is why your body shivers to produce heat when you are cold and produces sweat to cool you when you are hot.

The control system is always working to make sure the core temperature does not rise above what is normal or drop below what is normal. Therefore, the temperature of anything you DRINK or eat, whether cold, hot or lukewarm, does not affect your body’s internal environment. Why? The human body in its wisdom can regulate core temperature efficiently to keep us safe.

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In my honest opinion, saying drinking cold water will solidify fat or make a person gain fat is another lazy way of blaming something for being overweight. Think about it, if fat gain has anything to do with the temperature of your water, then it would correct to say drinking hot water will melt fat. But you and I know that is far from the truth. So if we don’t believe drinking hot water will melt fat, why do think drinking cold water will solidify fat?

If you like, drink your water cold, hot or lukewarm, the temperature of your water does not affect fat gain or disrupts your body’s core temperature!

Just like a thermostat, your body self-regulates to keep you safe. When you drink cold water, the control system goes to work to adapt the temperature of the water to what is safe, so that by the time the water enters the circulatory systems, it is at normal temperature.

Please let’s stop believing in lies. If we are overweight, it is because we are taking in more energy than we are using and not because of the temperature of our water.

Water Has No Calories

Water has zero calories. Therefore it can not make you gain fat. In fact, research has shown that drinking cold water can increase your metabolism. Yes, you read that right!

Like I did mention earlier, the body’s control system is always working to keep the internal temperature safe, so when you drink cold water, it raises your metabolism a bit to change the temperature of the water. And please don’t see cold water as another “weight loss therapy.” Weight loss happens when we exercise control over what we put in our mouths!

Water Is Good For You

It is a myth that drinking cold water will solidify fat! Water is good for you, so drink your water at any temperature you like!

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