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46 Are Carbohydrates The New Enemy Of Fat Loss?

Are Carbohydrates The New Enemy Of Fat Loss?

Not too long ago fat was seen as the enemy of fat loss.

People who wanted to lose body fat were advised to reduce their dietary fat intake if they wanted to see results. Dieters paid premium prices for foods that were labelled as, low-fat or fat-free. “Oil free this” and “fat-free that” were the default foods of the average dieter.

In the land of dieting, fat was the most hated macronutrient!

But things have changed in recent years. We no longer see fat as the enemy of fat loss because the goalpost has moved, and another macronutrient is taking the backlash. As a matter of fact, dieters are now being told to eat as much fat as they want – thanks to Ketogenic diet and low carbs diet.

Congratulations fat! The supreme court of dieting has declared you not guilty. The proclamation: “It’s not fat that makes us fat!”

You’re now the new B.A.E, fat! Let’s make a (bulletproof coffee) toast to your victory!

So many questions begging for answers

Why is it now okay to eat fat? Did the chemical structures of fat and carbohydrates change? Are carbs dangerous or we are just looking for another food to blame?

My objective is to tell you the whole truth about carbohydrates and their role in fat gain/fat loss.

Let’s dive in if you’re ready for the truth and nothing but the truth.

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Is Breakfast The Most Important Meal Of The Day?

Is breakfast the most important meal of the day? The answer depends on your definition.

Anytime someone asks for my opinion on the importance of eating breakfast, I always want to know their definition of breakfast.

Definition of breakfast

Breakfast comes from two words, break and fast, which can be defined as “break your fast” or “stop fasting.”

Every morning you wake up in a fasted state. How many hours you’ve fasted depend on when you had your last meal the previous day, and how many hours of sleep you had. You break your fast with the first meal you have after those long hours of fasting.

Breakfast, therefore, is not the meal you eat in the morning. It’s your first meal of the day – and when you have the first meal or break your fast is a matter of your personal preference!

You’re not skipping breakfast if you choose to break your fast at 12:00 pm; you’re just extending your fasting period.

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4 Cut Calories

7 Ways To Cut Calories And Still Feel Full

Is it possible to cut calories and still fill full? The answer is yes! In this article, I’ll show you seven ways you can cut your calories and still fill full.

You have heard or read it before, “eighty percent of your weight loss success will come from what you eat.”

Many of us know that if we can get our food right, we can get our weight right. But for some reason, food remains a real challenge.

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