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how much exercise is enough

How Much Exercise Is Enough?

How often should I exercise? How many times a week should I do it and how long should each session last? These are some of the questions I get from people all the time. We know that exercise is good for us, and we want to do it. But sometimes we are not sure whether we are doing too much or too little.

How Much Exercise Is Enough?

How much exercise should you be doing on a weekly basis? Well, the answer depends on your fitness goal. What do you want to achieve with your exercise training? Different people exercise for different reasons. Therefore, your training goal should determine your training volume.

Be Clear About Your Training Goal

Like I did mention earlier, your training goal should dictate how much exercise you do. So I ask you again, what is your training goal? Why are you exercising? What do you want your exercise to do for you? What benefits are you looking for from your exercise? You must be clear about your goal.

 Let’s look at the common fitness goals and how much exercise each goal requires:

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3 Exercise

4 Ways To Prevent Exercise-Related Injuries

Exercise-related injuries are real. That is why as a fitness coach, I take injury prevention seriously.

I had my fair share of exercise-related injuries as a novice exerciser. Looking back now, I wish I had someone to tell what to do to prevent those injuries. In this article, I share four simple ways to avoid exercise injuries.

Four Ways To Prevent Exercise-Related Injuries

#1- Wear proper shoes

You cannot wear the same shoes for every type of exercise you do. For example, running shoes are not designed for dance aerobics classes. The reason being that running shoes are not designed for multidimensional movements. They are designed for linear movements.

Aerobics class, on the other hand, involves multidimensional movements. The shoes designed for an aerobics class are called cross-trainers. These shoes provide support for the exerciser as the person moves in multiple planes of motion.

cross trainers

Nike Free 5.0. My favourite cross training shoes. I have these shoes in 3 different colours.

Wearing the right shoes for the right exercise is necessary for exercise injury prevention.

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Best exercises

The Best Exercises For Those Who Have Knee Pains

When your knees begin to hurt every time you exercise, it is your body way of telling you that you need to go easy with high-impact exercises.

High-impact exercises like running, jumping and dancing, can put a lot of stress on the knee joint. It is a good fitness practice to mix your exercise routine with low-impact exercises.

A low-impact exercise does not necessarily mean a low-intensity exercise. An exercise can be low-impact and still provide moderate-to-vigorous intensity. Intensity refers to the effect of exercise of the cardio-respiratory system while impact relates to the effect of exercise on the joints. Intensity is a matter of the heart, and it can be achieved with a low-impact exercise.

In this article, I will share the five best low-impact exercises you should add to your exercise routine, especially if you have started feeling pains in your knees.

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