The Number One Weight Loss Mistake Dieters Make

Do you know the number on weight loss mistake dieters make? I'm talking about the very mistake that keeps dieters in a perpetual yo-yo cycle. I'll tell you what that is in a minute.

Consider this, someone who was to eating everything all her life realised that her relationship with food was unhealthy and decided to make changes. She cleared her kitchen of all the foods she considered to be bad and embarked on a strict diet.

The first week was good because her willpower was in high gear and her motivation was up. She was on a roll, and nothing was going to stop her.

She weighed herself every day, and she could see the number of the scale going down. She was happy with the result even though she secretly resented the punishment diet she was on.

The second week came by, and she was still on a diet, but her willpower has started to dwindle. She jumped on the scale on day 10 and noticed she had lost 10kg already.

She has lost 10kg in 10 days! She was delighted about the “progress” she had made.

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The Simple Exercise That Cured My Migraine Headache

I want to share with you the simple exercise that recently cured me of a migraine headache.

How it started

The first quarter of 2017 didn't go according to my expectations. Right from January, my plans for the year started falling apart. Then in February, I lost two family members. Add the family tragedy to the personal stress I was already feeling, and you’d understand why my stress level shot through the roof.

I knew if I could have a quality sleep the migraine would go, but I wasn't going to bed early. I'd stay up till 12 a.m (and on some days doing nothing. My usual bedtime was 9:30 p.m (yes, I'm an early sleeper because I have to rise early). I kept going to bed late and rising early, and the migraine remained constant.

The day my relief came

Before these stressful events, I was doing Yoga about two times a week. But when everything started spinning out of control, my personal routines were turned upside down, and I started burning the candle at both ends. It wasn't a pleasant time.

The relief came one morning as I sat on my Yoga mat.

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Is The Ketogenic Diet The New Fad Diet?

Is the ketogenic diet the new fad diet?

Short Answer: It depends on who is doing it, and how they’re doing it.

The ketogenic diet, or keto as it’s popularly called, is not new. Physicians have been using as a dietary therapy since the 1920s. It was the original therapeutic diet for treating children with epilepsy.

Long answer

Not too long ago fat was seen as the enemy of fat loss because many believed it was fat that was making us fat.

People who wanted to lose body fat were advised to reduce their dietary fat intake. Dieters paid premium prices for foods that were labelled as, low-fat or fat-free. In the land of dieting, fat was the most hated macronutrient!

But things have changed in recent years. We no longer see fat as the enemy of fat loss because the goalpost has moved, and another macronutrient is taking the backlash. Dieters can now eat as much fat as they want—thanks to Ketogenic diet and low carbs diet.

Congratulations fat! The supreme court of dieting has declared you not guilty. The proclamation: “It’s not fat that makes us fat!”

You’re now the new B.A.E, fat! Let’s make a (bulletproof coffee) toast to your victory!

Is The Ketogenic Diet The Best Solution

Why is it now okay to eat more fat? Did the chemical structures of fat and carbohydrates change? Are carbs dangerous or we are just looking for another food to blame?

My goal with this post is to tell you the truth about carbohydrates and their role in fat gain/fat loss.

Let’s dive in if you’re ready for the truth and nothing but the truth.


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To Fast is Human: A Simple Guide to Intermittent Fasting

​Back in April 2014, when I wrote my first intermittent fasting article, I was accused of encouraging people to starve themselves. I still remember how a particular weight loss coach carried the matter to her BB group, and I was the topic of their discussion.

Since the time I published that article, there have been new studies on fasting as a modality for weight loss, longevity, disease prevention, and as part of treatment for chronic diseases.

This post is the third update of my intermittent fasting article. I have made significant changes to the original post to reflect current scientific research on intermittent fasting/time-restricted feeding.

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My Top 10 Fitness Tips For 2017

The new year we’ve been waiting for is finally here! If you’re a fitfam like, I believe you have some fitness goals.  But before we set the ball rolling, here are my top 10 fitness tips.

Tip #1: Don’t pitch your tent with the resolution crowd

The resolution crowd is easy to identify. They announce their resolutions to friends and family. In excitement, they join all the weight loss groups on Facebook and BB. They start a new diet and start going to the gym. They are pumped and excited about losing weight in January! Then February comes along, and life gradually slips back to normal.

You can’t afford to pitch your tent with this crowd in 2017. Resolutions are nothing unless you back them with actions all year round. Make a habit, not a resolution.

Tip #2: Be realistic with your expectations, it will save you from false hope syndrome

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5 Tips to Help You Stay In Shape During The Holidays

5 Tips To Help You Stay In Shape During The Holidays

Christmas season is a period of giving and receiving. The time when gifts of all sizes and types – from cakes to chicken to chocolate and champagne – just keep coming in. That means the average household is going to have more to eat and drink than usual during the festive season. And if you’re a very social person, you may have too many foods and drinks flowing around in your house.

With so much to eat and drink, it wouldn’t be a surprise if some people come back from the holiday a size bigger. But you don’t have to be in that number; you can enjoy the festive foods and drinks without adding inches to your waistline.

5 tips to help you stay in shape during the holidays

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2 common reasons people struggle

2 Common Reasons People Struggle With Their Weight

Have you ever wondered why eating healthy can be difficult sometimes? You are not alone.

When it comes to nutrition and diet, some of us have real struggles. We want to eat clean and healthy, but we keep falling on our faces again and again.

Why do people struggle with their diet? In my opinion, there are two common reasons people struggle with their diet.

Reason #1: Going on a punishment diet

A punishment diet is any diet plan that restricts calorie intake in a drastic way (Esta’s definition). Remember those diet plans that only allow you to eat one cucumber and one boiled egg for breakfast, one piece of roasted chicken for lunch and 1 cup of grape juice, or a plate of cabbage soup dinner?

That is what a punishment diet looks like!


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5 Lift weights

Why You Should Lift Weights, Especially If You Are A Woman

This post is the third post in my FITNESS 101 series.

First Post: You Don’t Need Exercise To Lose Weight

Second Post: Cardio Is More Than Running

In this post, you’ll learn about why you must lift weights, especially if you are a woman.

You need to lift weights as a woman! No, I’m not talking about those pink, 1kg dumbbells that have become some women’s favourite. I’m talking about weights.

 To Lift Weights Or Not

One reason is that many cardio exercises don’t require special instructions or equipment. For instance, you don’t need anyone to teach you how to walk or run; these are movement patterns that come naturally to every healthy human (You may need someone to coach you on the proper running form if you plan to make distance running a hobby. Having a running coach will help you become a better recreation runner and help you prevent running-related injuries), and don’t need an instructor to teach you how to groove to the beats of your favourite songs; you just want to move with the rhythms. But when it comes to strength training, you have to know what you are doing and do it the right way for it to be safe and effective.

Why You Must Lift Weights, Especially If You Are A Woman

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Cardio Is More Than Running

If you have been on the fitness train for an extended period, you must have come across the term “Cardio”. And depending on which camp you belong, you may either love or hate it or have a love-hate relationship with it.

Anytime I hear people talk about how they don’t like cardio or how they see it as a necessary evil; I always wonder if they understand the meaning of the word.

Cardio is more than running

For many people, Cardio means, running! But that is incorrect. Yes, running is a type of cardio exercise, but Cardio is much more than running. A cardio exercise is any exercise that requires the movement of the large muscle groups.

To explain in a simple term, a cardio exercise is any exercise that requires that you move your legs, arms and torso at the same time.

This type of exercise places a higher demand on the organs that are responsible for respiration and nutrients transportation. For example, when you stand up to move to the beat of Shoki at that party, you are doing a form cardio. (Apologies if you are not a Nigerian. Shoki is a type of dance step in Nigeria).

Cardio-respiratory fitness

Like I did explain in the first article in this series, cardio-respiratory fitness is the ability of the heart, blood vessels and respiratory system to supply nutrients and oxygen to the muscles and the ability of the muscles to utilise fuel to allow sustained exercise. Whether a person is walking or dancing, the heart, blood vessels and the organs of the respiratory systems are working in concert to deliver nutrients and oxygen to the working muscles.

How fast and far a person can go, depend on the efficiency of the cardio-respiratory system. A fit person can exercise for a relatively extended period without unnecessary tiredness.

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causes of weight gain

3 Hidden Causes Of Weight Gain

Are you currently experiencing this?

You’re giving your best effort every day because you believe it is the only way to get what you want. You’ve been consistent with your exercise, and you have cleaned up your diet, but despite your consistent effort the scale seems to be showing you are gaining weight. And you know the scale is not playing a prank on you because you can feel and see it in your clothes.

How can you be adding weight when you’re doing everything right?

That is the question I want to answer in this article. You’ll discover the three hidden causes of weight gain many people are not even aware of.

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