7 Ways To Cut Calories And Still Feel Full

7 Ways To Cut Calories And Still Feel Full

Is it possible to cut calories and still fill full? The answer is yes! In this article, I’ll show you seven ways you can cut your calories and still fill full.

You have heard or read it before, “eighty percent of your weight loss success will come from what you eat.”

Many of us know that if we can get our food right, we can get our weight right. But for some reason, food remains a real challenge.

In the ideal world, the average fitfam person wants to eat healthy. We want to eat the right food in the right quantity and at the right time. But often we go overboard with food because our appetites just have the minds of their own, and they don’t want to cooperate with our fitfam goals.

Let look at seven ways you can cut calories and still feel full.

#1- Stay Hydrated

Dehydration does not only make the body weak, but it can also add inches to your waistline because sometimes thirst can be mistaken for hunger.

Drink enough water throughout the day to keep yourself energised and full.

#2- Bulk Your Food With Non-Starchy Vegetables

Non-starchy vegetables add bulk to your food without adding unnecessary calories. For example,100 grammes of leafy vegetable and 100 grammes of cooked white rice may weigh the same, but the veggie yields fewer calories than the rice. One good thing about veggies is that they are versatile and you can add to most dishes.

Next time, instead of eating your usual plate of yam, reduce the quantity by half and add any vegetable of your choice to bulk it up.

#3- Eat Healthy Snacks In-Between Meals

Going for a long period without eating anything can make you do serious damage at your next meal. When we wait too long between meals, we tend to overeat because we feel we have earned the right to eat more.

Have healthy snacks handy to prevent this from happening.

#4- Use The Hunger Scale

There are two main reasons people overeat:

1. They wait till they are starving before they eat.

2. They eat every time they feel like eating even when they are not hungry.

hunger scale

Using the hunger scale will help you tune into your body’s hunger signal so that you can respond appropriately.

#5- Eat Homemade Meals

It is going to be hard to lose weight if you eat out all the time. The reason is that you don’t have any control over the food you are buying outside. It will surprise you how fast you can lose weight when you start preparing your meals.

Take back the control by eating homemade meals eighty percent of the time.

#6- Use small serving plates

Using a small plate to serve your food makes the food looks bigger than it is. That simple hack fools the brain into thinking the food is plenty than it is. And guess what! Whatever the brain believes is what the stomach believes too.

Small serving plates make you eat less but still feel full.

#7- Choose Lean Protein

Meats are excellent sources of protein which is essential for tissue growth and repairs, but they are high in (saturated) fat too.  You can cut down your calories by choosing the leanest cut of goat meat, skinless chicken, fish, egg whites and whey protein.

You can also choose plant proteins like beans, whole grains, and nuts and seeds instead of animal proteins.

How to make these seven tips work for you

Look at where you are having the most struggle with your nutrition and choose 2–3 tips you know will be most practical for your situation. Follow the tips for at least 30 days for the best result.

About the Author

Hello, I'm Esta Morenikeji. I am the Founder and CFO of ZONE FITNESS (No, not that CFO, this one: Chief Fitness Officer). Hello, my name is Esta Morenikeji. I'm passionate about helping women transform their bodies. Feel free to connect with me on Instagram.

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