How She Did It: 5 Weight Loss Lessons from A Woman Who Lost 30kg

How She Did It: 5 Weight Loss Lessons from A Woman Who Lost 30kg

I recently came across the story of a woman who lost 67lbs (30.3kg) in five months. This woman had battled with her weight for more than ten years. In October of 2017, she made another attempt, but there was something different this time. Something was at stake, and she must lose the weight. Otherwise, she'd miss something big.

She was given a six-month deadline to lose 50lbs (22kg), but she lost 67lbs (30.3kg) in five months and surprised both herself and everyone connected to her story.

How was this woman able to do in just five months what she hadn't been able to do in more than ten years? What did she do differently in 2017 that made it possible for her to lose 67lbs in 5 months? Stay with me as I share what she did and the five weight loss lessons you can learn from her story. 


What She Did and The Five weight loss lessons

Lesson 1: She Became Honest With Herself

The woman I'm talking about is an African-American woman who first appeared on the Steve Harvey's show in October of 2017. She was seeking Steve's advice on how to lose weight so she could keep up with her husband who is super fit. At a point during the conversation, she said to Steve, "I don't know if it's my metabolism, I'm working out..." I love how Steve responded to her excuses because his candid response forced this woman to become honest with herself.

It turned out her metabolism was not to blame. The real culprit was her mother's food. Every day, she'd stop by her mother's house to eat stuff she knew she shouldn't be eating.

Your Lesson: The first step to overcoming the weight loss struggle is to become aware of the possible causes of weight gain, and not blame it on hormonal changes or slow metabolism.

I'm aware that hormones play a role in weight gain/loss, especially in women. But studies have shown that proper nutrition, adequate exercise and stress reduction can fix a lot of these hormonal issues.

Lesson 2: She Had A Big Incentive

After she became honest with herself, Steve proposed something with a big incentive. The incentive was too good to pass away.

He asked her how many pounds she would like to lose in six months. The woman answered, "50lbs". Then Steve dropped the incentive bomb, "if you lose 50lbs in six months and come back, I'm going to give you and your husband free vacation."

She took the challenge and went to work.

Your Lesson: Tie your goal to a big incentive. Your incentive can be to drop two dress sizes so you can fit into the beautiful dress your wore three years ago. Or to do a photo shoot for your big birthday. Or to be able to play with my kids without running out of breath.

Be like this woman. Have an incentive that is too good to pass away. She didn't just want to lose 50lbs in six months; she tied the goal to a huge incentive. 

Watch Steve drop the incentive bomb:

Lesson 3: She Had A Reasonable Deadline

She had a deadline; the specific timeline when she wanted to reach the goal, and that fueled her everyday decisions and actions.

Her deadline was six months. If she lost 50lbs in six months, she'd get the reward. If she didn't, she'd lose it. Having a deadline gave her a timeline to work towards, and that was helpful.

The 50lbs in 6 months deadline was reasonable and doable. With the right program, professional accountable and social support, this woman's goal was within reach. 

Your Lesson: Give your weight loss goal a reasonable deadline. Set deadlines for when you'd like to reach specific milestones on your weight journey. When do you want to lose your first 5kg or 10kg?

Set a reasonable deadline and take consistent actions.

Lesson 4: She Had Professional Accountability

This woman didn't try to do it on her own; she had a coach. She had a professional who created the program and kept her accountable every step of the way. No wonder she was able to reach goal her faster.

A lot of people don't want to hire a coach because they think it's unnecessary, or a waste of money. I've had someone said this to me, "you mean I'll pay you for something I can get for free on Google?" This type of mindset is one of the main reasons people struggle with their weight year in, year out.

Of course, you can get any information for free from Dr Google. But, you're not paying the coach for information, you're paying for implementation.

Information doesn't transform anybody's body. Implementation does. 

Your Lesson: Hire a coach. Having a good coach is the distance between where you are now and the results you want. Getting the help of a professional who knows her/his onions will get you faster results, and save you from frustration and discouragement.

A NOTE OF WARNING: Be careful who you hire as your coach. Nowadays, everyone who has lost 1.5kg is claiming to be a weight loss expert. Don't be fooled by what people put in their Instagram bios. Do your research and ask questions before you part with your hard-earned money. 

Lesson 5: She Had A Support System

This woman committed on national television to lose weight. That means her family members, friends, co-workers, neighbours, and strangers knew about her goal. The result was the massive support she got from the people who knew her in real life.

She had family members, friends, and peers whom she leaned on for support.

Your Lesson: Have a support system because iron sharpens iron. Having people who support you will keep you motivated and inspired when the chips are down.

Research has shown that those who have social support and professional accountability reach their weight loss goals faster than those who don't.

Implement the five weight loss lessons from this woman and see how quickly you'll reach your weight loss goal.

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