30-Day Intermittent Fasting Challenge
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30-Day Intermittent Fasting Programme 

​Let's get you lighter and fitter in 30 days!

​The ​Next Round:

May 2nd to May 31st​

Price: N5,000​

​The ​Programme

Do you want a permanent solution to your fluctuating weight gain and loss issues?

​Do you want to improve your health and feel more energised?

Are you a busy professional or stay at home parent looking for nutritious options, stability and a healthy lifestyle?

Do you want to lose weight and feel younger? 

Then sign up for the next round of my 30-Day Intermittent Fasting programme and let's get you the results that'll make you happy!


My name is Esta Morenikeji. I created this 30-Day Intermittent Fasting programme to teach people the proper way to use intermittent fasting to lose weight and keep it off, improve health and have more energy.

Now, you may be thinking, "Does one actually need to pay #5000 for intermittent fasting? Just get zero app or life app and start fasting right away. You can Google the internet on more information or search for Facebook groups on intermittent fasting to know more. It's so incredibly easy!"

You're very correct. One doesn't actually need to pay for intermittent fasting. As you mention, there are free intermittent fasting apps, and free information and free Facebook anyone interested in IF can use.

My 30-Day Intermittent Fasting programme isn't just an IF challenge. It's an IF-based programme that's specifically designed for weight loss. There are other components of the programme that's beyond intermittent fasting.

This programme is not one of those me-too Intermittent Fasting challenges that are all over the place. When I create a programme, I put my heart and soul into making something that'll give you the results that'll make you happy.

​​​In December 2019, more than 150 people participated in the first round of the 30-day programme, and the results were impressive. The average weight loss was 5kg, and most weight lost by a single person was 12kg (Please note that this 12kg loss in 30 days wasn't a typical result).

​About 25% of those who participated in the December round of the programme have already registered for the January round. That should tell you something.

Join the next round ​and let's get you ​the results that'll make you happy!

​30-Day Intermittent Fasting Includes:

  • The 30-Day IF Nutrition Plan
  • ​Daily Check-ins To Keep You Accountable
  • ​Daily Coaching
  • A WhatsApp Group For Daily Support And Accountability During The Challenge
  • A Lighter And Fitter You In 30 Days

​​Programme ​Calendar

January Round: January 11th to February 9th.

May Round: May 2nd to May 31st.

​June Round: June 6th to July 5th.

​Save the dates!

Let's get you ​lighter and fitter in 30 days​!

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