2121 Challenge
There Are Three Routines In The Exercise Plan: Bodyweight Circuit, Resistance Circuit 1, And Resistance Circuit 2        

The exercise plan is designed to help you lose weight and tone up. Each routine is about 21 minutes long (minus warm and cool down).

Bodyweight circuit

As the name suggests, this is a bodyweight routine, and it is the easiest of the three. You don’t need any equipment for the routine, just your body weight and a big smile on your face.

Resistance circuit 1 

We take the exercise program up a notch by adding a little external resistance. You will need a pair of dumbbells for this routine, 2-4kgs depending on your current fitness. As a rule of thumb, the weights should be heavy enough to make the last 5 seconds of each exercise a little bit difficult to perform. Please increase the weight if you can cruise through all the reps feeling like “I can do this all day.”

Resistance circuit 2

We're adding more intensity to the exercise program by incorporating movements that involve multiple muscle groups — you will understand what we mean when you watch the videos. Again, you will need a pair of dumbbells for this routine.

The finisher

This is the grand finale of every exercise session, six minutes of HIIT cardio to seal the fate of bad fat! You will feel this more in your heart and not your skeletal muscles.

Don’t panic, the finisher is part of your 21 minutes.

Warm up and Cool down

Warm and cool down segments are an important part of your exercise program. Both segments will take about 6 minutes. Please note that Warm Up and Cool Down time is not part of the 21 minutes.

Rest and recovery

Rest is an integral part of every good exercise program. You will exercise for 21 minutes a day, six days a week and you will rest on the seventh day.

Exercise Plan Downloads/Resources (Click the buttons below to download the exercise videos and exercise calendar)

Bodyweight circuit

Resistance circuit 1

Resistance circuit 2

Exercise calendar

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