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Why I Believe 2121 CHALLENGE Is The Right Program For You

It all started with an email I received from a lady who lived far away in Bayelsa. She was asking me to do what I thought would be impossible--she was asking me to become her online coach.

She had been using the tips and tools we were sharing on our Facebook page, and she was seeing results. Then she decided to hire me for extra coaching and a personalised program. The first thing that came to my mind was, "There is no way I am going to be able to design a safe, efficient, and effective program for someone I cannot meet physically." But one thing led to another, and I said yes and became her online coach.

Meet Debie, My First Online Client...


Remember how many times you've lost weight only to gain it back after a few weeks?

  • You went on a “Don’t eat this. Don’t touch that” diet program that only allowed you to eat some punishment foods. But you endured the pain because of the “gain”.
  • You spent thousands of Naira on the shakes and the meal replacements they told you would keep you full all day.
  • You followed the regimen religiously for weeks and you were losing weight.
  • Some days you were depressed about how difficult this clean eating thing is. Sometimes you wondered how those "clean eaters" remained dedicated to their regimens for 7 days a week and 365 days a year.
  • The program was finally over, and you were happy with how much weight you lost. But a part of you was afraid of gaining the weight back.
  • A few weeks later your fear had come true. You have gradually gained all the weight back–with extra.

And you were back to square one--the very place you hate to be.

Tired of losing weight and gaining it back?

I Can Help You end this yo-yo cycle with our 2121 CHALLENGE weight loss program.

No punishment diets. No meal replacements. No magic pills. 

Introducing 2121 CHALLENGE

The Weight Loss Program For Women Who Want To Lose Weight And Keep It Off



After childbirth, I found it difficult to lose the fat, and it was beginning to affect my self-confidence.I found 2121 CHALLENGE online ad and decided to give it a try. I followed the meal plan and workout routine to the best of my ability. In 21days I lost 6kg and decided to do another round, and I lost another 5kg. My weight was 79kg before the program, and now I am 68kg! The program has changed my life in so many ways. I am more confident, healthier, happier, stronger and my approach to eating has changed a great deal. I will recommend 2121 CHALLENGE to everyone.

Mercy Marietta, Goergia

I weighed 92 kg at the start of the program, and by the end I weighed 83kg! Even I was surprised. So it is true that one can cook themselves thin. Amazing! My target weight is 75kg, and I believe I will get there by making little changes as you have taught me. Forever TRIM Community is wonderful as well. It is filled with wonderful fitness sisters who have managed to pull themselves along. I have learnt how to eat better, thanks to numerous recipes we shared.

Chinyere Lagos, Nigeria

I was introduced to ZONEFITNESS NG by a friend and started my first 2121 CHALLENGE at 100kg. I was panicking about my weight at this point and my efforts to lose weight were taking my weight higher instead of bringing the weight down. Interestingly I did not have to starve, and I adapted to the exercise routine in a short while. After two rounds of 2121 CHALLENGE, I am 90kg feeling good with myself and so ready to do more. Thanks coach Esta for showing me the way to a healthier fitter me.


I did the program because I wanted to look better before Christmas. I weighed 79kg when I started, and after 21 days was 76kg, and I also lost 2 inches on my waistline. Thanks, Coach Esta. 


 I had started to try living healthy with some tips I was getting from Coach Esta's emails, but I was not seeing the numbers on the scale go down. When I heard that the 2121 challenge was starting I keyed into it, the first thing I noticed was after 10 days I felt so healthy. No headaches, funny stomach ache and my BP was also stable. The best part is that I lost 4kg and was eager to go another round as I discovered it was a healthy and consistent path to achieving my weight goals.  


I was breastfeeding exclusively when I did the 2121 CHALLEGE in December 2014. Everyone around me kicked against it because of the baby but by the second week, I lost 4kg. In total, I lost 5kg on the 21 days program and I also lost inches all over. I will keep doing the program until I get to my desired size. 


 I am happy I joined d 2121 CHALLENGE because I am now fitter and stronger than when I started. I lost 4kg in the 21 days program, and I hope to reach my fitness goal as I start another round tomorrow and I will concentrate more on the food aspect.  


I did the 2121 CHALLENGE program in December 2014, and that set the way for my weight loss and lifestyle changes. To cut the story short, I want to tell you I have lost over 15kg. I now weigh 68kg and healthier than ever! Thanks for being a part of this. 


What You Get When You Register For This Program

- 2121 CHALLENGE Fat-burning Meal Plan-

- 2121 CHALLENGE Exercise Plan (3 workout (downloadable videos)

- Personal Coaching And Support via WhatsApp (Available between 10 a.m-5 p.m)-

- Weekly weigh-in (via WhatsApp) -

- Lifetime Access To 2121 CHALLENGE Program

- Lifetime Access To Our Forever TRIM Community (our members- only private Facebook group)-


A 21-Day Meal Plan

Exercise is just one part of the weight loss equation, what you eat, when you eat, and how much you eat have more impact on your weight than how many hours you spend exercising. 2121 CHALLENGE meal plan teaches you what to eat, how to eat and when to eat. The meal plan is based on Nigerian foods.

A 21-Day Exercise Plan

2121 CHALLENGE exercise program is designed to help you lose weight and tone up. There are 3 exercise routines in the program, and each routine is 21 minutes long. The videos are downloadable so that you don't need to go online every time you want to exercise.

Coaching And Support

Losing weight is easy, and everyone can do it. What is hard is keeping the weight off. When you register for, I will teach you how to lose weight and keep it off.

Pay Once And Own The Program Forever

Unlike some other weight loss programs, we'll not penalise you for being dedicated and committed to your fitness goal. Your one-time payment gives you lifetime access to the program at no extra cost. That means you can do 2121 CHALLENGE as many times as you want!

*Lifetime Access To Our Forever TRIM Community at NO EXTRA COST! 

 Forever TRIM Community is for any woman who is tired of losing weight and gaining it back. I have helped many members of our community achieve their fitness goals, and I provide continued support to community members. Losing weight is easy, keeping it off is the bigger challenge. To lose weight and keep it off, you need a support community like Forever TRIM Community. 


Register for our 2121 CHALLENGE today to get started!


- 2121 CHALLENGE Fat-burning Meal Plan-

- 2121 CHALLENGE Exercise Plan (3 workout (downloadable videos)

- Personal Coaching And Support via WhatsApp (Available between 10 a.m-5 p.m)-

- Weekly weigh-in (via WhatsApp) -

- Lifetime Access To 2121 CHALLENGE Program

- Lifetime Access To Our Forever TRIM Community (our members- only private Facebook group)-


A Word From The Creator Of 2121 CHALLENGE

Esta Morenikeji

My name is Esta Morenikeji. I am the founder of Zone Fitness. I am a Personal Trainer, a Group Exercise Instructor, and a Fellow of the Institute of Registered Exercise Professionals.

I once tipped the scales at 92kg, but my life changed when I lost 23kg and decided to become a fitness coach.

Fitness is not only a passion for me, but it is also my mission. Fitness is my mission because I believe if you can lose 1kg you can lose 10kg. I believe you can reach and surpass your fitness goals if you have the right tools and support.

I HAVE ADDED MY 5+ YEARS EXPERIENCE IN ONLINE COACHING and feedback from my online clients together to create this 21-day online weight loss program. Register today and let's work together to get you the fitter and lighter body you've always wanted.

Meet some members of our Forever TRIM Community

Before Meets After
Before Meets After
Before Meets After
Before Meets After
Before meets after
Before Meets After

These before and after pictures belong to our REAL CLIENTS. You'll meet all of them in our Forever TRIM Community when you register for our 2121 CHALLENGE weight loss program.




You have tried many weight loss programs that didn't work. It's time to try a weight loss program that works. Register for 2121 CHALLENGE today and let's work together to get you the body you've always wanted!


- 2121 CHALLENGE  Fat-burning Meal Plan

- 2121 CHALLENGE Exercise Program (3 workout  (downloadable videos) 

- Personal Coaching And Support via WhatsApp (Available between 10 a.m-5 p.m)-

- Weekly weigh-in (via WhatsApp) -

- Lifetime Access To 2121 CHALLENGE Program

- Lifetime Access To Our Forever TRIM Community (our members- only private Facebook group)-


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