2121 CHALLENGE: Thank You For Joining!

Thank You For Joining Our 21 Days Weight Loss Program!  


A Lighter And Fitter You In 21 Day.

Thank you for joining our 2121 CHALLENGE weight loss program! I am super excited to have you in the program. You are about to start a program designed to help you get lighter and fitter in 21 days, and set the pace for your long-term fitness success. This 21 days weight loss program is not a quick-fix program. It is a lifestyle program that teaches you how to lose weight in a way that is sensible and sustainable.

You'll get a very important email from me in 1-2 hours if you are seeing this message before 8 p.m (WAT). If not, you will get the email tomorrow before 10 a.m (WAT). Be on the lookout!

I am happy to have you in the program and I can't wait to see your transformation as we work together.

Talk to you soon :)

Your Coach,

Esta Morenikeji