21-21 Challenge: Testimonials


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​Let's Get You Fitter and Lighter in 21 Days

What 21-21 Challenge Participants Are Saying:

i lost 6kg in 21 days

“ After childbirth, I found it difficult to lose the fat, and it was beginning to affect my self-confidence. I saw 21-21 Challenge online ad and decided to give it a try. I followed the meal plan and workout routine to the best of my ability. In 21 days I lost 6kg and decided to do another round, and I lost another 5kg. My weight was 79kg before the program, and now I am 68kg! The program has changed my life in so many ways. I am more confident, healthier, happier, stronger and my approach to eating has changed a great deal. I will recommend 21-21 Challenge to everyone. 

i lost 9kg in 21 days!


 “ I participated in the 21-21 Challenge in December 2014. I weighed 92 kg at the start of the program, and by the end I weighed 83kg! Even I was surprised. So it is true that one can cook themselves thin. Amazing! My target weight is 75kg, and I believe I will get there by making little changes as you have taught me. 

I did the 21-21 Challenge program in December 2014, and that set the way for my weight loss and lifestyle changes. To cut the story short, I want to tell you I have lost over 15kg. I now weigh 68kg and healthier than ever! Thanks for being a part of this. ”


I was introduced to zonefitnesng by a friend and started my first 21-21 Challenge at 100kg. I was panicking about my weight at this point, and my efforts to lose weight were taking my weight higher instead of bringing the weight down. Interestingly I did not have to starve, and I adapted to the exercise routine in a short while. After two rounds of 21-21 Challenge, I am 90kg feeling good about myself and so ready to do more. Thanks, coach Esta for showing me the way to a healthier fitter me.”


I was exclusively breastfeeding when I did the 21-21 Challenge in December 2014. Everyone around me kicked against it because of the baby, but by the second week, I lost 4kg. In total, I lost 5kg on the 21 days program, and I also lost inches all over. I will keep doing the program until I get to my desired size.”


I had started to try living healthy with some tips I was getting from Coach Esta's emails, but I was not seeing the numbers on the scale go down. When I heard that the 21-21 Challenge was starting I keyed into it, the first thing I noticed was after 10 days I felt so healthy. No headaches, funny stomach ache and my BP was also stable. The best part is that I lost 4kg and was eager to go another round as I discovered it was a healthy and consistent path to achieving my weight goals.”


I did the program because I wanted to look better before Christmas. I weighed 79kg when I started, and after 21 days was 76kg, and I also lost 2 inches on my waistline. Thanks, Coach Esta.”


I am happy I joined the 21-21 Challenge because I am now fitter and stronger than when I started. I lost 4kg in the 21 days program.”


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