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I used to read people's stories and watch on television about their weight loss and think, “how is this possible?” But my thought, belief and life changed when I came across ZONEFITNESS NG on Facebook. So I joined their program in July 2014 weighing 115kg, I am glad to say I now weigh 66kg and I have become a role model to so many people out there.

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Zipporah Kakaki 

My name is Enore, a wife and mum of 3. I have always been fat, but after my 3rd baby, my weight got to 93kg until 2015 October when I got in contact with coach Esta of ZONEFITNESS NG. I lost a total of 30kg, and with the help of our Forever TRIM Community, I have been able to keep it off and still waxing strong.

Enore Igiebor
Before meets after

 It was August 2013. I woke up this day with a severe headache. I managed to pull myself out of bed and get ready for work. Throughout the day I felt very tired. This was my situation for over two weeks before I finally went to the hospital. After a series of test, the doctor informed me that my cholesterol level was high and I was highly overweight. I weighed in at 101kg over 30kg overweight. I started my program in October 2013. I was 100kg and I admit I was a bit sceptical, but the program was amazing. The workout plan was all quite easy to adjust to even for someone that has never been engaged in physical activity. The meal plan was easy to adapt to and preparing the meals was fun. By December 2013 I had lost 12kg.

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Onome Onardaho 

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